Mauro Majone is Full Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Sapienza Universita di Roma. He Teaches of "Chemical Engineering” and “ Treatment and Valorization of Polluting Effluents” at the course of Industrial Chemistry and of “Bioprocesses for energy and Environment” at the course of Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology. - Member of the Teacher Boards of Doctorate of Chemical Engineering and the Master on Site Remediation. - Supervisor of more than 80 undergraduate students and more than 10 PhD students. - Research areas: Treatment and upgrading of wastes and wastewaters, Environmental and Industrial biotechnology, Biofuels, Bioplastics, Remediation of polluted groundwater and soils, in situ bioremediation.

- Author of 150 papers on peer reviewed scientific journals, with more than 3000 citations and a Hirsch Index of 34 (Scopus). Also author of 15 chapters on international books and more than 150 communications to scientific conferences and other publications. - Scientific coordinator of research projects under public or private commitment, including Ministry for the University and Research (MIUR PRIN 2005 and 2008), Ministry for the Environment, National Research Council (CNR), National Agency for Safety and Health (ISPESL). Responsible of Research Contracts with several private companies, such as EDF Fenice, Unilever, Technip, Metro C, Italferr. Partner for 5 research projects under the European Community 7° Framework Programme FP7 (MINOTAURUS, ECOBIOCAP, ROUTES, KILLSPILL and W4C). - Member of the Technical Board of the Directorate “Protection of Environment” of the Ministry of Environment). The Technical Board is in charge for technical evaluation of design and operation of wastewater treatment plants and of site remediation. Under this 15-year commitment, he examined and gave evaluation on several hundreds of technical documents (site characterization plans, remediation actions,wastewater treatment plants, monitoring reports)